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Private & VIP Classes Available for CCW or Coaching


We can work with your schedule to offer you completely private full 16 hour CCW instruction 3 hour CCW renewal instruction, or work with you on an hourly basis for firearm safety training, firearm cleaning, preparing for competition shooting, basic marksmanship instruction, or holster training. If there's anything you need to learn about firearms and safefty, we're here for you.

VIP CCW Classes. You can either come to our classroom or we can discretely meet at your home or office to offer you the complete classroom instruction for Illinois Concealed Carry. Of course we'll have to go to a range for the qualification portion, but everything else is at your selected location. We can also work around your schedule for the 16 hours of training. Instead of two 8 hour classes, we can break the trainng into one 8 hour class and two 4 hour classes or four 4 hour classes.