Top Shot Academy

Home Defense & Street Survival

No Experience Required - We provide all the safety and training

This is NOT a shooting course

This is the course that prepares you to create your own home defense plan. Having a firearm is an important part of of a home defense plan, but it's not a plan by itself. We'll take you through the differences between assailants that would attempt a burglary as opposed to a home invasion. How to create a plan for the entire family. We'll discuss the importance of situational awareness in public. Most importantly, we'll go into detail on what the laws of self defense allow, and what they don't. We carry a firearm so we're hard to kill, but we need knowledge of the law so we're hard to convict.

Also available at your location

We can create a safe and educational team building experience that not only focuses on fireams safety, but includes full scenario training on surviving a a home invasion or active shooter situation. For our scenario based training we use specially built firearms that are not capable of firing a projectile. Instead, our scenario equipment sends an infared light beam that's tracked by all students wearing a special vest. Email or call to discuss this fun, exciting and life saving training that's available in our classroom or at your office, school or place of worship.